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We have sufficient knowledge and experience in technical mining cryptocurrency region daily monitoring and operations with cryptocurrencies. This experience leads to the break-even and profit daily.


Profit calculation

680% after 21 days
After 21 days

About the company

Our organization is engaged in mining of cryptocurrencies and investments in Blockchain technology as one of the most promising technologies of this century. With the advent of cryptocurrency, many entrepreneurs have noticed that it is not only a convenient payment method, but also a great source of income in the sphere of online investments. Profit is the result of close cooperation between our technical staff and traders with a cryptocurrency exchange. We have our own technical base and mining-farm on the basis of high-performance hardware ASIC, which is gaining popularity in the field of mining bitcoins due to the optimal power consumption and high performance. Investment strategy we offer transparent and terms can be acceptable for all investors. Many investors do not use the idea of investment due to a lack of time to analyze the flow of information and choosing the right strategy for the management of personal investments. Our experience allows investors to gain extra income, investing in our operating platform Hoursen.com.

We provide one investment plan with an upper limit of investments. The upper limit of investments will increase together with gradual platform development Hoursen.com. Investors ' funds must be used effectively to smooth operation. Investors can join Hoursen.com and get profit every hour.

HourSen Plan

Profit in 21 days: 680%
The term of the plan:
21 days
Min. amount: 10 USD
Max. amount:
50 000 USD
Instant payments
The accrual at the end of term
Partners 4%